The statue of Infant Jesus of Prague

The statue represents a small child, clothed in a long robe below which his bare feet can be seen. His sweet face attracts visitors through its beauty. The right hand of Infant Jesus is raised in blessing, while his left hand holds a sphere surmounted by a cross – the whole of our universe rests in his hands. The royal insignia of the Child Jesus express the faith that all Christians have in common – the faith in the divinity of Jesus. In him Almighty God, ruler of all things, became a human being.

Origin, size, material and appearance

According to the sources, the statue of Infant Jesus of Prague, the original of which is venerated in the church of Our Lady of Victory in the Lesser Town district of Prague, originally came from Spain. It was probably made there in the first half of the 16th century or earlier.

The statue is 47 cm high and represents Jesus when he was only a few years old. On a 2-cm base there is a figure measuring 45 cm, dressed in a long flowing robe. Parts of the feet are visible beneath the bottom of the robe. The face is very delicately modeled and framed by medium-length curling hair.

The core of the statue is carved out of wood, which is probably covered with linen, and the surface is modeled in coloured wax. The surface of the wax is quite fragile. In order to protect the statue from damage, it’s bottom half till the waist is enclosed in a silver case.

Gestures and royal attributes of the statue

Infant Jesus has his right hand raised in blessing, while the left hand has its palm turned upwards and holds a symbol of rule over the world – the imperial orb surmounted by a cross. There is an opening in the palm of the hand, in which the orb is fixed. In the past, the statue was decorated with small jewels, presented as gifts by the faithful. The most valuable one was a copy of the Order of the Golden Fleece, which is now lost.

The crown which currently adorns the head of Infant Jesus was made in the years 1810 to 1820. Infant Jesus also has a second crown dating from 1767. Both crowns were made in the workshops of Prague goldsmiths. The crown is not placed directly on the statue but is fixed independently just above it.

Clothing of Infant Jesus

The Child Jesus is dressed by religious sisters in various royal robes, whose color changes according to the season of the church year. The white alb and royal apparel remind us of the defenselessness of the Divine Child and at the same time of Jesus’ royal title and his divine almighty power… More

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